A Proof Of Stake cryptocurrency, focused on internet services, anonymity and security

What is Proxynode?

ProxyNode was created to serve as a decentralized platform that provides a more secure platform for virtual private servers. During the initial phase of the roadmap, it was discovered that this was not possible and this caused the downfall of the original team behind ProxyNode. Since Feb 20th 2019, the project has been handed over to the community, spearheaded by SizzlePhizzle. A new team has been formed and Proxynode is now a community project with use cases and future plans. We appreciate changing ownership may deter potential investors, however we feel the need to be honest and transparent as transparency has been lacking since this project started.


Ready to get started? Well, you can download Proxynode desktop wallet for the platform of your choice. Proxynode desktop wallets are available for Windows, Linux and macOS from our github repository. Once downloaded and installed, you can boost your sync speed by clicking the Proxynode logo and downloading the rapid sync zip. This pack is pre-loaded with a recently sync'd wallet core.  

Reward Structure

With each new stage, collateral must be increased to the correct value or Masternodes will cease functioning.

Premine: 350,000 PRX Block 60 ALGO : X11 RPC Port : 12196

Iteration Block Number Total Reward MN Reward Mint Reward Collateral
1 1-250 1 0.8 0.2 -
2 251-2000 2 1.6 0.4 500
3 2001-15000 5 4 1 1000
4 15001-40000 35 28 7 2000
5 40001-75000 100 80 20 4000
6 75001-125000 200 160 40 6000
7 125001-250000 400 320 80 12000
8 250001-350000
400 320 80 24000
9 350001-500000 300 240 60 24000
10 500001-1000000 200 160 40 24000
11 1 Million + 100 80 20 24000

Projects / Roadmap Overview

Hosted Nodes

Proxynode has collaborated with MASCsolutions.uk to create masternode hosting, for PRX payment. Go check it out!


We are building a very special VPN service for PRX investors.


We continue to collaborate with MASC, to release VPS 4 PRX over the coming months.


We don't do ICO's, but we will enable investors to buy masternodes directly from Proxynode.network shortly.

Masternode Hosting

Masternode solutions whether you have a full node or wish to contribute to a shared service.


MASCsolutions.uk partnered with us to offer PRX Masternodes for PRX Payments! They also share profits back to the PRX team to keep the coin strong! #ForgetFiat


Pecunia offer masternode hosting for USD pricing. They also provide a shared masternode service *exclusively* for PRX!


Evonodes are a masternode provider that offer hosted and shared masternodes


Snode have over 200 masternodes on their platform.

Join Us

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